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Champions (Post Production)

Champions the Film 3.JPG

Director: Manu Calvo
Producers: Andres Gomez / Stuart Sutherland / Marco Gomez
Starring: Yasir Al Saggaf, Fatima Al Banawi, Khalid Al Harbi, and 10 wonderful young adults with disabilities

“CHAMPIONS” is an Arabic language remake of the smash hit Spanish film of the same name which was also the Spanish entry to the Oscars in 2019. The film revolves around Khaled who is an assistant coach in Saudi Arabia’s ITTIHAD football team. During a stressful match, Khaled lets out his frustration and gets involved in an altercation with the main coach of the team in front of the whole stadium. After the match he is hauled in front of the President of the football club to explain his unacceptable behaviour. The President tells him that in order to save his glittering career, he has to coach a group of players with disabilities - who are truly awful. Khaled, thinks that this is an insult but is determined to one day become the Head coach so he reluctantly agrees. Through the players with disabilities' innocence, tenderness, and good humour, they will teach Khaled about the things that really matter. They are the true champions of life.

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