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Production Budgeting

We offer a unique, hands-on production service, acquired from years of working in many countries around the world. We budget, account and cash flow transparently up to international standards.

Local Crew

Our team is geared to work up to the high standards that international Producers expect. Our principle aim is to make filming in the UK an enjoyable and productive experience. The UK has amongst the best HOD’s and technicians in the world. We manage operations in a hassle-free manner that suits international production sensibilities.

Equipment & Facilities

The UK has second to none equipment and facilities. Celtic has great relationships and negotiated rates with all the rental houses big and small to fit all budgets.

Filming Permits

We will obtain all of the necessary filming permits, work visas, and clear equipment through customs. We have a dedicated team who can liaise directly with the relevant authorities.

Why the UK?

The UK has some of the best acting and technical talent in the world. Aside from this it has some extraordinary locations from cities, countryside, to majestic country houses.

The UK government also offers substantial financial incentives for filming in the UK, with rebates worth up to 25% of qualifying spend.


We have long standing relationships with the leading casting directors and actor agents in the UK. The vast diversity of UK culture is a great advantage for filmmakers looking for almost any look or ethnic background.

Location Library

The UK offers a wide range of locations for international filmmakers. We are happy to carry out specific location scouts. Bespoke packages provided upon request.

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