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Red Fox (1991)


Director: Ian Toynton

Writer: James McManus, based on the novel by Gerald Seymour

Executive Producers: Muir Sutherland and Nick Elliot

Producers: Adrian Bate and Ian Toynton

Starring: John Hurt, Jane Birkin and Brian Cox


A 2 x 90' production for LWT.


Two-part thriller “Red Fox” tells a gripping contemporary tale of kidnapping, terrorism and political intrigue. Based on the book by Gerald Seymour, with a screenplay by James McManus, it tells the story of when Geoffrey Harrison (Brian Cox), a top executive with British Defence Industries, is kidnapped in Paris and, when held to ransom, his company and the British Embassy are unwilling to meet his captors demands. Wanting to avoid publicity and secure a lucrative French defence contract, matters are made worse when the British and French Governments refuse to negotiate with the kidnappers. Archie Carpenter (John Hurt), Head of Internal Security at BDI, is assigned to investigate the kidnapping, and finds an unexpected ally in an Paul de Vigny (Didier Flamand), an agent with the French MI5. As Harrison’s fate hangs in the balance, Carpenter risks his life in the fight to save him but the nightmare has only just begun…

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