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The Courier (2012)

Director: Hany Aby-Assad (“Paradise Now”)
Executive Producer: Stuart Sutherland
Writers: Michael Brandt & Derek Haas (“Wanted”)
Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“The Walking Dead,” Watchmen,” “The Losers”), Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler,” “Iron Man 2”)

Release date: 2012

A million bucks, just to a deliver a briefcase…

It’s a job too good to be true, especially if you’re the COURIER, a daredevil carrier renowned for taking on impossible missions who’s never, ever missed a drop. The only catch is delivering it to someone who can’t be found, not even by the FBI, and when that someone is the notorious, never seen King of the Underworld EVIL SIVLE who’s very name makes the toughest tremble, there’s a lot more than reputation and money on the line.

With a baying pack of double crossing feds, conniving crooked cops and ruthless rival crime bosses in hot pursuit, the Courier trail blazes a world-wide chase for the most wanted man in the land. Drugged, beaten, tortured and two timed, the bloodhound bagman discovers easy money was never so hard, and tracking the elusive kingpin to Las Vegas learns just why Evil is the one person on the planet no one can find, and why he really is the King.

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