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The Monk (1990)


Director: Paco Lara
Writer: Paco Lara, based on the novel by Matthew Lewis
Producers: Muir Sutherland and Paco Lara
Starring: Paul McGann, Sophie Ward, Isla Blair, Freda Dowie and Aitana Sanchez Gijon

A 1990 1 x 106' Celtic Films Entertainment production.

Madrid, 1743. The Holy Inquisition reigns supreme. Father Lorenzo, a handsome young priest committed to God, is caught up in a web of seduction and betrayal. The cause of his downfall is Mathilde, a beautiful young girl so consumed by love for the priest that she will stop at nothing to possess him. Mathilde disguises herself as a boy and joins Lorenzo’s order to be near him; she even makes a pact with the Devil to win power over the priest. At first, Lorenzo’s faith is strong but he is the only man who cannot resist her fatal charms and succumbs to his own lustful desires. The joys of the flesh prove fleeting and Lorenzo soon grows tired of Mathilde and turns his attentions to an innocent young girl named Angela. With the aid of Mathilde’s sorcery, Lorenzo attempts to seduce the girl but he is surprised by Elvira, Angela’s mother. In panic, Lorenzo murders Elvira and turns to his lover for help, but the Power of Darkness which Mathilde commands cannot save the monk from the Inquisition.

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