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The Most Dangerous Man In The World (1988)


Director: Gavin Millar
Writer: TR Bowen, based on the book by Paul Henze
Producers: Alan Shalcross
Starring: Martin Show and Ian Sears

A 1988 BBC/Celtic Films/Iberoamericana production.

A life committed to anarchy and terrorism, a professional killer. The true story of the man who tried to kill the Pope.

Mehmet Ali Agca, a nobody from a small town in Eastern Turkey, has dreams of being great. He remains aloof and uninvolved in his country’s political turmoil, which has escalated thanks to criminal Suleiman. Suleiman supplies Russian guns from the Bulgarian police, paid for with heroin, to the rival factions of the Grey Wolves and the Alevi in Turkey and keeps a vendetta going by murdering members of both sides… Suleiman respects anyone who can pay. Agca has no commitment to any cause and can be bought. The two meet and Suleiman suspects that Agca might be useful to him and eventually show him a trunk full of guns, explaining what he does for a living.


Now that Agca knows the truth, he is dangerous but if Suleiman has misjudged him, it’s easy enough to shoot him and dump the body. Suleiman and Agca become a team, and Suleiman gives him his first assignment, the assassination of a well-loved Turkish journalist. In the ensuing public outcry, Agca revels in the secret power he has found. Next the Bulgarians want to go after the new Pope, John Paul II. Agca wants no part in it but when Suleiman ups the fee to $1m, he agrees. At St. Peter’s Square, Agca senses the approaching climax to his life. He fires once, twice, the Pope falls…

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