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Sharpe’s Peril comprised of an 8 week shoot entirely on location in remote parts of India such as Orchha and Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.


A 2008 2 x 71' or 1 x 100' Celtic Films Entertainment/Picture Palace Films/Duke Street Films co-production in association with Harper Collins for ITV.


Director: Tom Clegg

Writer: Russell Lewis, based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell

Producers: Malcolm Craddock, Muir Sutherland

Executive Producer: Stuart Sutherland

Starring: Sean Bean, Daragh O’Malley, Raza Jaffrey, Steve Speirs, Beatrice Rosen


Sharpe and Harper are on their way to Calcutta, from where they are to sail to England, when they come upon an East India Company baggage train. The party – which includes among its number a heavily pregnant woman and a headstrong French woman who is joining her fiancée – travels warily through enemy territory. It’s leaders fear Chitu, the legendary bandit leader who controls the area. When the attack happens, the Company officers in charge prove inadequate to its defence, Sharpe has to take over and train up the ill assorted group into proper soldiers. He finds himself defending the wagon train against the corrupt and ruthless opium warlord.



Sharpe’s Challenge comprised of an 8 week shoot entirely on location in the majestic cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur, Rajasthan.


A 2006 2 x 71' or 1 x 110' Celtic Films Entertainment/Picture Palace Films/BBC America co-production for ITV.


Director: Tom Clegg

Writer: Russell Lewis, based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell

Producers: Malcolm Craddock, Muir Sutherland

Executive Producers: Stuart Sutherland, Kathryn Mitchell, Steve Wilkinson

Starring: Sean Bean, Toby Stephens, Daragh O’Malley, Padma Lakshsmi, Lucy Brown


The fate of an empire lies in one man’s hands… Two years after the Battle of Waterloo, dispatches from India warn that a local Maharaja is threatening the British interests. Wellington sends Sharpe to investigate on what turns out to be his most dangerous mission to date. The last scout sent – Sharpe’s best friend Sergeant Harper – has gone missing and reports suggest that the real power begin the rising is Colonel Dodd, a malcontent East India Company officer, and that the Maharaja has gathering into his impregnable fort a contingent of refugees from Napoleon’s army.

Once in India, Sharpe discovers that the situation is far graver than he was led to believe; and things only get worse then the daughter of a British General is kidnapped and held in the Maharaja’s fort by his villainous henchmen, Dodd. Sharpe, now reunited with Harper, devises a plan to rescue the General’s daughter – disguise themselves as deserters and become part of the Maharaja’s motley crew. However, once inside the fort, things don’t go quite as Sharpe planned…



Sharpe seems to have settled down for life on a tranquil French farm with his new partner Lucille when the sudden news of Napoleon's return from exile compels him to go back to the army to fight in the great Battle of Waterloo. He joins the staff of Wellington's ally, the Prince of Orange. Once again reunited with the Chosen Men, Sharpe abandons his inept commander to organise the defence of the British key positions on the farm of La Haie Sainte and plays a courageous and important role in securing one of Britain's most famous victories.



Sharpe returns to England, with his reputation fully restored. He is soon ordered to the North of England to take command of a local militia force in his home town as it is troubled with unrest and machine-breakers. Sharpe finds that he is torn between two sides – that of the corrupt gentry and that of his own people, the rough, tough and spirited masses who are kept down by their superiors. He finds himself faced with one of the hardest decisions of his life.



The Peninsula war is finally over for Britain and its allies, but the action does not end here for Sharpe. He is set up once again by his long-time enemy, the French spy Ducos, and finds himself accused of stealing Napoleon’s priceless treasures. Having been abandoned by his beautiful wife Jane, who returns to England, and persecuted by both the British and French, Sharpe boldly goes in search of both truth and revenge, embarking on a perilous journey across post-war France with the help of his loyal friends Frederickson and Harper.



Wellington orders Sharpe to join the dashing colonel Brand on a hazardous journey behind French enemy lines with the aim of blowing up an ammunition store. Sharpe’s wife Jane becomes disillusioned with Sharpe’s frequent absences. Left behind in the camp, she warms to the attentions of another admirer. Meanwhile, Sharpe is out in the mountains and is dangerously outnumbered, with with the French ranks closing in. He must risk his own life, however, to confront a far deadlier enemy on his own side.



Sharpe marries his sweetheart, Jane Gibbons, but has to leave her immediately to go on a dangerous mission in the Pyrenees, to capture a French fort. While Sharpe is battling with the French, his wife contracts a deadly fever which has swept through the British camp and endangers her life. Sharpe encounters his old enemy Ducos and is compelled to stay at the fort and fight for his country, knowing that even if he survives he may never see his beloved bride again.



Major Richard Sharpe’s men are in mortal danger – not from the French, but from the bureaucrats of Whitehall. Unless reinforcements can be brought from England, the depleted South Essex will be disbanded, their troops scattered throughout the army. Determined not to see his regiment die, Sharpe returns to England and uncovers a nest of well-bred, high-ranking traitors, any one of whom could utterly destroy his career with a word, or a stroke of the pen. Sharpe is forced into the most desperate gamble of his life – and not even the influence of the Price Regent may be enough to save him.




Intelligence reports indicate that a French officer is on his way to Villafranca to assassinate one of Wellington’s most valued agents. If he succeeds, Wellington’s intelligence network will be in tatters. Sharpe is sent to intercept and kill the assassin, yet after a fierce battle between the French and English, it is Sharpe who is wounded, left for dead but with the taste for retribution.



French forces led by the ruthless Guy De Loup are laying waste to the Spanish countryside, burning villages and butchering families. Sharpe’s orders are to stop them, but all he has to do it with are his own men and an inexperienced ceremonial unit, the Royal Irish Company. Sharpe is put in charge of turning the unit into a fighting force, but with Loup and his battle-hardened veterans on the way, Sharpe knows they are nowhere near ready for battle.



Sharpe pits his wits against El Casco, a terrifying partisan leader who has a chilling way of dealing with his enemies. Sharpe’s mission, to trade guns for deserters, is imperilled by the beautiful and desirable Ellie, on the trail of her father who was seeking the Aztec gold believed to be hidden in the area. Despite Wellington’s orders to the contrary, she and her mother are determined to find him.




Sharpe is unwittingly caught up in a French plot; he is convicted of the murder of a Spanish nobleman and sentenced to death. This time he will need more than just his legendary courage to survive. In a desperate attempt to clear his name, Sharpe is forced to venture deep into enemy territory to capture La Marquesa, a beautiful French spy, who alone can prove his innocence.




Major Ducos, Napoleon’s spymaster, prepares a secret invasion for which the British are completely unprepared. Before he can alert Wellington, Sharpe must bring two English female hostages to safety and do battle with a gang of deserters led by an evil renegade, who uses the hostages – including Sharpe’s old flame – as innocent pawns in his wicked game to win a ransom. This is only the beginning of the problems facing Sharpe, with a far greater threat is on the horizon that could mean the end of the war for the Allied armies.




The Duke of Wellington plans to lay siege to Badajoz. With the arrival of new officers from England, Sharpe finds himself relieved of his captaincy, and to make matters worse a murderous figure from his past seeks revenge of Sharpe. Sharpe has reason to be happy as he holds his daughter for the first time and is given command of the Light Company again, together with his captaincy, but will his happiness be short lived?



The newly promoted Captain Sharpe will be stripped of his rank unless he can save the honour of the regiment by capturing a French Imperial standard: an eagle. On the eve of battle, Sharpe and the chosen men are given the task of turning the South Essex into a disciplined fighting force to achieve the task. It’s a monumental undertaking and one made harder by Simmerson’s Lieutenants, who will stop at nothing to cut Sharpe down to size.



Richard Sharpe rises through the ranks of Wellington’s army by his courageous and daring exploits. He and his men operate behind French lines, risking their lives to undermine Napoleon’s forces and find James Rothschild, an undercover agent with a bank draft for badly needed funds. To do so, Sharpe needs the help of some Spanish partisans led by Major Blas Vivar and the beautiful but haunted Comandante Teresa Moreno.

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